About The Artist

Dave Sampson is a freelance artist based in Somerset, England. He creates original artwork and pictures electronically by using the computer and mouse as a conventional artist would use a brush and canvass.

Email Dave to commission a piece of original artwork, or to purchase a print of any of the works on display in the galleries.

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About The Artist


Produced as a 'special birthday' present, Twizzle is a lively bundle of fur and hardly ever still. I had to use a lot of reference photos to get a good likeness of her. Usually I like to use one reference photo. as the main pose and others for specific detail. With Twizzle there was slim chance of getting a suitable main pose - she'd either sit well but refuse to look in the right direction or move away. So to get a good pose where you can see her face (especially the eyes which give so much of her character) I had to use lots of reference photos and do some preliminary sketch work. A worthwhile project though, as the owner was well pleased!

Download high definition image [622KB]

To download the full sized press quality images; right click the hyperlink on your mouse and select Save Link Target As.... Save the image to the relevent folder on your computer.


Commissioning Original Artwork
To commission a piece of original artwork, or to purchase a print of any of Dave's work on display in the galleries, email graphics@somersetmade.co.uk.

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