About The Artist

Dave Sampson is a freelance artist based in Somerset, England. He creates original artwork and pictures electronically by using the computer and mouse as a conventional artist would use a brush and canvass.

Email Dave to commission a piece of original artwork, or to purchase a print of any of the works on display in the galleries.

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About The Artist

Four Jack Russells

This is a portrait of a family of four Jack Russell terriers from Somerset. They are the classic short-legged variety of the breed - not the long-legged Parson's Jack Russells you might see at Crufts - and come complete with tails! These four - mother (Midge, far right), father (Ross, centre left) and two offspring (Katie, far left and Olly, centre right) - are typical Jack Russell in character tenacious and inquisitive with buckets of character and energy - and each with its own unique personality. The portrait of the four was commissioned as a Christmas gift to the owner by her partner. I produced each portrait separately using a variety of reference photos and then posed the final portrait accordingly. As a result, I was able to also produce a series of four small desk-top portraits and matching coffee mugs, each with one of the dogs posing separately as a follow-up commission.

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Commissioning Original Artwork
To commission a piece of original artwork, or to purchase a print of any of Dave's work on display in the galleries, email graphics@somersetmade.co.uk.

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